What Is Thinkery
A video outlining the backstory, values, and goals of Thinkery - a children's science and art museum located in Austin, Texas.
The Day You Were Born (2016)
An unbroken chain of events stretching back to the beginning of the known universe led up to the moment each of us were born. The story of the universe, then, is one we are intimately wrapped up in. It is a story of endless birth, death, rebirth, and recombination. This short film revisits key moments throughout this story, condensing 13.77 billion years of a constantly evolving universe into 3 minutes of stop-motion animation.
Written & Directed by Aaron Chávez
Music & Narration by Aaron Chávez
Animated by Hazel O'Neil, Aaron Chávez, Dylan Davidson
Charity Charge Explainer 
An animated video explaining what the Charity Charge World MasterCard is and how it works.
Sweet Sweet Kink (Intro Titles)
Opening title sequence for a University of Texas graduate student's pre-thesis film about BDSM stories called "Sweet Sweet Kink" (2018).
Catastrophe (2017)
Catastrophe is the second stop-motion animated short film that I directed and co-animated. It follows two house cats lost in the woods as they try to make their way back home. 

Written by Sunny Sone and John Flynn
Directed by Aaron Chávez
Animated by Hannah Heyduck, Aaron Chávez, Jacob Barnes, and Dylan Davidson
Winter Wonderland Promo
An animated video promo for a fundraising cocktail at IE University in Segovia, Spain
First Generation (2018) - coming soon
'First Generation' is my third stop-motion animated short film and one of 20 finalists in an international film and art contest called Project Mars, hosted by NASA and SciArt Exchange. Blending stop-motion and 2-D animation, 'First Generation' follows an astronaut on a spacecraft bound for Mars as she reflects on the significance of her mission, the cosmos, and the future of humanity.

*I am submitting this film to other contests so it is not currently available to stream without a password. Contact me if you would like to view it*

Written, Directed, and Animated by Aaron Chávez
Additional Animations by Hazel O'Neil
Music by Mitchell Webb
Set Design and Produced by Aidan Kessler

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